Regular Curriculum Program

9 hours plus 5 review sessions per semester

Full Support throughout Semester

1 on 1 tutoring. No time limit. No session limit.

Tutor on Demand

One time tutoring session for a particular topic

Quick Review Help

1 on 1 tutoring of 20 minutes maximum

What kind of materials do you need?

Since this is a synchronous online class (live tutoring), you need the following materials

  • A computer desktop or laptop
  • A headset, speaker and microphone; however if you use laptop, sometimes you do not need a headset since the speaker and microphone are already incorporated in, please do not use any kind of cellphones
  • Our tutoring texbook. This is optional but highly recommended
  • A quiet room and lots of motivation

What else do I need to know?

There is a mandatory orientation that you have to attend prior to the first class (the information is e-mailed to you after you have paid your fees - RCP FSS)

Many students need to enroll at The Andriani Institute to get help. But at times, paying tutoring fees becomes a struggle especially after paying College fees, tuitions, text books, and other expenses. We want to help these students out therefore we decided to open an account for help. Whether you have been benefiting from The Andriani Institute or just feeling the desire to help, please make any donation, one time or on a regular basis.

By donating to The Andriani Institute you have being a very generous person for helping others in need, but if yourself want to enroll in any class this time or in the future, you will have the priority for enrollment even if a class is already full.

Procedure on how to enroll !

  • 1

    The first step you need to take is to Register. Click on SIGN UP and fill out your Username, e-mail, and confirm e-mail then click on REGISTER.

  • 2

    The next step is to obtain your login information from your e-mail. Go back to The Andriani Institute website and login.

  • 3

    Create your profile then register for class(es). If you need to attend more than one class, you have to register for each class.

  • 4

    Another e-mail will be sent to you regarding the total fees you are responsible for, your victorine number, V# which is your Identification at The Andriani Institute.

Is there a virtual class?

A student locker will be assigned to you for each class you attend. Any session is recorded and you can watch the recorded tutoring for review or to catch up on a session you have missed.

Course Calendar

Please Check out the "Course Schedules page" for each discipline and corresponding class.

FALL 2015: September 19th, 2015 to December 5th, 2015
SPRING 2016 schedule will open in November 2015

What to do if I miss a class?

Log on your student locker and watch the recorded session

Can I get a refund if I only attend the class sessions?

No. Your fees cover all contact-hours (all class sessions + all review sessions).

What people say about us!


General Chemistry was the last course I needed to take before I could get my Associates Degree. Before the course started, I was overwhelmed with anxiety because I knew the course was going to be a bit of a challenge...

Savannah M. –Columbus State, USA

The Andriani-Institute has helped me a lot. I have known Dr. Andriani as my chemistry instructor for two consecutive semesters, and have interacted with him extensively. Dr. Andriani is a kind and caring teacher...

Diana M. Marietta College, USA

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is earning a 99 out of a 100 on a general chemistry final. That's a solid "A" man. The class average was a 79. In my judgment, that is awesome! What makes it even better...

Mark M. Columbus State, USA

Taking a difficult course in a big lecture hall can be overwhelming and make an already difficult course, like chemistry, seem impossible. The Andriani-Institute offers a group study each week that offers...

Ciara P. Ohio University, USA

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