General Chemistry was the last course I needed to take before I could get my Associates Degree. Before the course started, I was overwhelmed with anxiety because I knew the course was going to be a bit of a challenge. Throughout my college experience, people have always told me to talk to the professor and ask questions, seek for help if I don’t understand something. Even though I was considered a quiet student, I knew I had to put in the effort and I’m so glad I did. It was a pleasure having Dr. Andriani as my professor in the course. Not only was he patient and understanding, he was immensely helpful when it came to solving chemistry problems that I just couldn’t quite grasp through tutoring and after lecture sessions ended. The Andriani-Institute was another great source that helped me through my course. With its practice problems that ranged from simple to more difficult, it was a great tool to help prepare for each test. The Andriani-Institute is a very efficiency system that really helps students. I was enrolled for the Quick Review Help (QRH) program, that allows me to have a tutor any time, day in and day out, weekday and weekend, a tutor was ready to help right away. From there, students as a team were encouraged to come together and help each other solve and grasp the concepts. After doing the practices and group works, the professor would thoroughly go over the methods on how to solve the problems with clear explanations and endurance. Thanks to Dr. Andriani and the Andriani-Institute, I was able to pass my class with an “A” and receive my Associate’s Degree. (Savannah M. Columbus State, USA)

The Andriani-Institute has helped me a lot. I have known Dr. Andriani as my chemistry instructor for two consecutive semesters, and have interacted with him extensively. Dr. Andriani is a kind and caring teacher, and it has been a great pleasure working with him. I have never met a professor who is more passionate about his subject. He was always available after class for questions and extra help and over the online help “Andriani-Institute.com” which is a tutoring help for college courses. Some important aspects of Dr. Andriani’s teaching and interactions with students are his patience and enthusiasm, and his ability to find creative and innovative ways to explain the most difficult concepts with remarkable ease, and so do the other instructors from the Andriani-Institute. I have benefited greatly from taking classes from Dr. Andriani, and I would recommend him wholeheartedly with no reservations and therefore the Andriani-Institute, not only for chemistry but there are many disciplines for tutoring such as Biology, Psychology, French, Russian, Mathematics etc. Just do it whether for a few minutes help or for a long hour tutoring help. You won’t be disappointed. It is worth to try, why? I got an "A" for my chemistry class. (Diana M. Marietta College, USA)

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is earning a 99 out of a 100 on a general chemistry final. That's a solid "A" man. The class average was a 79. In my judgment, that is awesome! What makes it even better is that I freely admit I am an average student. The question remains how I did it. I highly recommend the Andriani-Institute and especially Professor Andriani in his capacity to teach me chemistry. It should be noted, that I do not casually recommend anyone.
I would like to advise anyone on three huge benefits that the Andriani-Institute offers. First, the instructor assisted in helping me solve chemistry problems that I could not solve myself. Second, there are a number of chemistry concepts and calculations that I think I knew but I needed a little tutoring prior to the final so my mistakes do not cost me cheap points on the test. Thirdly, Dr. Andriani himself and my specific instructor motivate me even when I myself am unmotivated to study. (Mark M. Columbus State, USA)



Taking a difficult course in a big lecture hall can be overwhelming and make an already difficult course, like chemistry, seem impossible. The Andriani-Institute offers a group study each week that offers additional instruction from the professor and an environment to work with other students and as a team talk out the steps to the end result and answer. The Andriani Institute instructor creates examples and problems to help us further understand the subject and when we do not understand, the instructor thoroughly explains the subjects using models, examples, and most importantly patience.   (Ciara P. Ohio University, USA)






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