Fees and Pay Fees (bottom page)

RCP and FSS: Fees can be paid up to three installment payments

TOD and QRH: Fees must be paid by the time you want to start

TOD and QRH are permanently open for registration

Throughout the Semester, The Andriani Institute is offering 3 types of tutoring programs, the RCP, TOD, and QRH.

          1- Regular Curriculum Program (RCP, maximum 5 tutees per class)  is based on a pre-established course (chapter per chapter), tutees and tutors meet on a regular basis, 10 contact hours (60 minutes per session) plus 5 review sessions per semester, total = 15 hours. The price is $199 and a $15 registration fee is required for all enrollments. That means if you register for only 1 course then you will pay a $15 registration fee; and if you register for 3 courses, then you have to pay only a $15 registration fee. A free course material can be downloaded or a hardcopy may be mailed to you. You need a good internet connection and a headphone during tutoring session.  

          2- Full Support throughout Semester (FSS, a one-on-one tutoring)  is based on a full support of the student throughout the entire semester and with the same tutor. There is no time limit and there is no number of sessions limit. Our goal is to help out and support the student until the final exam. Anytime you need help, your tutor will be there, days and nights, week days and weekends. Also, your tutor is obliged to check on your studies on a regular basis since our goarl is to get the student passed the class with the higher grade the student should be capable of. There is  a one time  $15 registration fee. The cost for the entire semester is $585.00.  You need a good internet connection and a headphone during tutoring session. 

          3- Tutor on Demand (TOD, maximum 2 tutees per session) is a one time tutoring session for any questions at your convenient time (60 minutes long). You must register anytime you require a tutor on demand. A one time $15 registration fee is required. However, you will no longer pay any registration fee for any further TOD for the entire semester. The 60 min tutoring session cost is $33.

          4- Quick Review Help (QRH, a one-on-one session) is a one time tutoring session for a particular "topic" at your convenient time (20 minutes maximum time). There is no registration fee. 20 min one-on-one tutoring session costs $20.

Please let us be clear: WE DO NOT SOLVE HOMEWORKS OR QUIZZES, but we will assist you to understand the concepts, practice several examples and lead you to the correct path.

After registration, a one time victorine number (V#) will be assigned to you. That is your ID at this Institute for any semester.


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